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Dunnage bag with smart valve - 90 x 150cm - Level 1

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Item codeMET-60494-5334
Air pressureMax. 2-3 PSI
ValveSmart valve - Turbo valve
Also available in a box550 pieces
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Smart/turbo valve Dunnage Pillow Airbag - 90 x 150cm - Level 1

“Level 1” dunnage pillow airbag for all trucks and containers transporting glass bottles, paper, barrels and majority of dry goods. Tear and wear resistant, this pillow airbag is more cost-effective than conventional wooden tie-down means. Inflates quickly. Reusable.

How to use a pillow airbag?

  1. Open the cap and put the airbag between the goods. Warning: place the airbag at least 15 cm above the container deck to avoid friction and ensure that the airbag does not exceed the height of your load.
  2. Connect the inflator to the valve and fill the airbag to the desired pressure. Then tighten the valve. You’re all set!

How to reuse a pillow airbag?

Unscrew the cap after use and push the valve in. It takes nearly a minute to empty the pillow. Fold the airbag, then tighten the screw cap: your pillow airbag is ready for the next transportation.

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Warning: The dunnage pillow airbag may have a logo. Therefore, they can differ visually - not functionally - from the image shown (in white).


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