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Tie-Down Straps

Tie-Down Straps


Why buy tie-down straps from Metaltis?

Metaltis specializes in the manufacturing of high-quality tie-down straps. We produce everything in our Belgian workshop, from weaving and pigmentation to the assembly and customization of the straps. This ensures the best quality.  




Metaltis is currently among the best in Belgium for tie-down straps. We are also well-represented in many other countries such as France, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, etc.

Our in-stock products (tie-down straps and others) are delivered quickly at very competitive prices.

We also manufacture custom straps. You can have the length, color, ratchet tensioner, and hooks adjusted for almost all our straps. Feel free to contact us for a personalized quote!




How to buy the right tie-down straps at Metaltis?

When purchasing tie-down straps, it is important to choose the appropriate strap that fits the application perfectly. At Metaltis, we offer straps for all kinds of applications: straps used as luggage belts, straps with hooks for trailers, vans, etc., straps specially designed for the agricultural sector, the construction industry, etc. These are just a few examples of tie-down strap applications. When buying tie-down straps, it is also helpful to acquire a strap winder, as it facilitates winding.


Attaching a tie-down strap

The way a tie-down strap is used depends on the model: there are one-piece straps and two-part straps. The latter consist of a ratchet part and a tensioner part.


Steps to use a strap:

  • Pass the tensioner part through the ratchet.
  • Position the strap so that it surrounds the load.
  • Ensure the ratchet is flat and guide the strap from bottom to top through the slot in the strap.
  • Pull the strap through the slot upwards.
  • Pull in the same direction until the strap is securely tightened around the load.
  • Secure the strap by making an upward motion with the handle. This rotates the rod with the slot, winding the strap around the rod.
  • Secure the strap firmly by ratcheting two to three times.
  • Bring the handle back to the down position when the strap is tightened to the maximum, until the locking plate clicks.

Ready to use!


Affordable tie-down straps at Metaltis


We hope you now have more information about Metaltis and our wide range of affordable and quality tie-down straps. We have straps and accessories for all situations you can imagine. Moreover, we can manufacture everything in our own Belgian workshop. If you want to buy tie-down straps, check out our collection and order your strap today!

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