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Lashing buckle 50mm - 5,000kg - Welded

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Item codeMET-70021-2524
Suitable strap width50 mm
Breaking strength5 000 daN
MaterialWit verzinkt staal
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Lashing buckle 50mm - 5,000kg - Welded

This lashing buckle is made of welded steel and is compatible with 50mm lashing straps. It is available in different sizes and strengths. Metaltis  lashing buckles can be sold individually, and we always guarantee you the best value for money.

Metaltis lashing buckles are specifically designed for securing various loads in containers, trains and railroad cars, flatrack containers and more. These buckles are often used for maritime transport and, more particularly, for the stowage of containers inside the ships or on the deck.

Lashing has many advantages as goods are quickly fastened and securely attached. And this tie-down system makes lashing easier than ever. Combine this buckle with Metaltis 50 mm lashing strap for reliable load securing.

This tie-down buckle has a tensile force of 5,000 daN. (*)

Would you like to get more information about our securing tools? Do not hesitate to contact us.

(*) The tensile force on the inscription may be different. Inspection certificate available on request.


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