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Discover all the ropes from the Metaltis Blackstage range. You have the choice between hemp ropes, the classics of the theater world, and black Liros ropes, specially developed for stage use. Hemp ropes are distinguished by their abrasion resistance and durability. More fire-resistant than synthetic ropes, these natural ropes are suitable for securing equipment on or behind the stage without gloves.

Our black ropes, from rope specialist Liros, are ideal for securing curtains, sets, lights and other items on stage. Metaltis offers you ropes from 3 materials, so you have a suitable rope available for every application:

  1. Liros D-Pro = coated Dyneema® SK78
  2. Poly Black = polypropylene multifilament
  3. Liros Soft Black = high-strength braided polyester
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